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Windows operating systems come with a built in virtual private network, or VPN for short. This gives computer users the ability to set up their own VPN without purchasing additional software. The VPN provides added protection when connected to the Internet, but you must set it up first, before using it.

Pryor to setting up the VPN, make sure your Windows is up to date by running the Windows update option. Windows provides step by step directions to set up the VPN and the necessary setup options can be found in the Control Panel. One of the connect options will be to connect to the VPN network. The process to configure the network is a step by step process with help drop down menus in the event of questions.

There are a variety of protocols supported by VPN Windows and the choice is all menu driven and very easy to configure. Once the VPN is configured, it is a matter of choosing the protocols and options needed when working online.

The Windows VPN offers security and privacy when working online. Surfing the web can be accomplished with or without the Windows VPN network. The VPN will hide the IP address assigned to your computer and provide the necessary privacy to maintain the integrity of the data.

All the applications will work when in VPN mode and provide the same level of protection as a VPN service does. The interface between the computer and Internet is compatible with some of the latest P2P protocols such as Skype, iPads and iPhones. The connectivity of the Androids will allow the users to stay connected to home and hearth as well as other computers on the same network.

The Windows VPN is a great feature built into the operating system and its inclusion is unique. It not only adds security to the computer, but it adds value to the system.